Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo


The art of “Prof Pete” (As his students call him) consists of Fantasy Realism and Impressionistic Realism.

As you probably know, that means that his figures are anatomically realistic (Correct anatomically) but they are often seen in settings which are sometimes realistic, but are more often fantasized realty or pure fantasy and very often these pictures are of western art, cowboys, gunslingers, American natives, religious art, art for murals, portraits, and science-fiction/fantasy, beautiful, sensuous women, or special commissioned art for illustration, retail, hotel, restaurant and corporate settings. Professor Bagnolo has recently been inducted into the CLICK HERE> American Academy of Art Hall of Fame    

He is also a member of the CLICK HERE> Los Angeles Society of Illustrators/SILA

And has been invited to be a part of the Largest Gallery in the world, located in London Saatchi Gallery Online  < CLICK HERE.

There are a number of websites that have violated copyright laws and have posted screen-shot copies of my paintings on their websites and maybe selling unauthorized prints of my paintings. Such activities should be and hopefully will be prosecuted.

Pleas DO NOT buy any copies of my art from such places. They do not have my permission to use my art nor would I allow them to do so if asked. We are doing everything in our power to force them to take down the hijacked images and have had some success so far. You can help by ignoring them and NOT buying any prints, cards, post cards or calanders from any such site. Feel free to ask us if we have authorized prints before buying. This is the only website authorized to sell my prints, period! 

All works of art are protected by Copyright © Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.