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On this website devoted to Sacred and Liturgical Art, some of the stained glass windows, Shrines, sculptures, mosaics, Murals and other Art shown are the product of working through a studio and are collaborative, meaning that in some cases the studio assigned different stages of the project to different artists depending on their current state of availability and desire, and sometimes the same artist was available for all the stages and therefore, depending upon his availability, Professor Pete either did the initial designs, the full size “cartoons”, the working drawings, or two of the three stages and sometimes when available or desired to do so, the entire project himself. Some of the Architects, artists, artisans and religious goods dealers and studios with which Professor Bagnolo shared workloads in some of the projects shown here are: With Old DaPrato Studios: Urano Bottari, Angelo Gherardi, (George) Italo Botti, and Lawrence Campbell. Architects Joseph W. Bagnuolo and many others. With Wheaton Religious Goods, Joe Taschetta, CEO.

In some cases when Professor Bagnolo carried out the initial design of stained glass, if at all possible, he would (will) carry out all of the phases of development, including picking the (often) many, hundreds of pieces and colors of stained glass. Insofar as sculpture is concerned, if it could be afforded by the client, Professor Bagnolo is happy to produce the final piece or pieces of sculpture, himself, or if that is not possible he will be happy to design the sculpture and have it carried out in Italy to his specifications.

Professor Bagnolo was responsible for a great many huge stained glass projects sometimes designing the color scale presentation art, sometimes doing the full-size drawings for the windows and at other times doing both. He has also designed complete church and corporate interior architecture including sculptures, bronze and cloisonné’ art and every sort of liturgical or sacred art and design including tabernacles, altars, baptismal fonts and more.

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo’s family for more than 700 years has been professional artists, writers, theologians and scholars. His expertise is unmatched in width, Breadth and scope in the many phases and disciplines of architectural design art, sculpture, stained glass design and cartoon, glass selection, Liturgical Consultation, artist selection (if other than himself) and many other phases of partial or complete interior and exterior monumental design and art.

Excluding paintings, most of the art below, Stained glass, sculpture, etc., was collaborative, as indicated above. Therefore, other than the paintings which copyrights are exclusively Professor Bagnolo's, copyrights for reproduction may belong to some of those mentioned earlier. None of the works shown below other than the paintings are available for prints of other reproduction sans special permission of the artist and possibly some other entities. Write for more information. Collaborative art below is designated by the symbol (CA)-Collaborative Art. Art subcontracted for completion or manufacturing by the professor or a client, with his permission is listed as (SCM)-Subcontracted for Manufacturing.

Whether you are a Religious Supply or Goods firm, an Architect, church, donor, or simply interested in a project for your own Business, or home, to obtain more information about pricing of design for your Business, secular, Liturgical or Sacred Art project, write Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo at: Pete@BagnoloArt.com today.

All works of Original art; paintings, designs or other art on this website which are not collaborative, are Copyrighted © by Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo and thus are protected, therefore, any and all use before, during, or after purchase, for reproduction or modification is prohibited without written consent from Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo. All Rights Reserved.

CONTACT: Pete@Bagnoloart.com
Sacred Heart
16 ft x 28 ft
St. Benedict Montecasino (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
St. Bruno Chartreuse (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
St. Peter Nolseco (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
St. Clare (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
St. John Matha (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
Resurrection Window (SCM )
8 ft x 12 ft
BVM Statue  w/Stained Glass (SCM)
8 ft x 12 ft - statue 5'6"
St. Teresa (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
Crucicloisone (
Life size bronze & enamel
Sacrament (CA)
14 ft x 20 ft
Actual bronze pieces, in 3 sizes,
16” x 20”, 32” x 40”, 64” x 80”,
sketch 18” x 24”, Large Fresco or oil,
3’-0” x 4’-0”

St. Maria Goretti (CA)
10 ft x 16 ft
4 ft x 8 ft
Sketch for Station of the Cross
3' 6" tall statue, 2' 6" pedestal
Last Judgement Mural
T-shaped around doors 21’-6” x 24’-8”
Diorama-Holy Family (CA)
Figures are life size
Altar Marble Stairs Mosaic
Breaking Bread w/Jesus
14" X 17"
Sketch for Station of the Cross
3' 6" tall statue, 2' 6" pedestal
Alternate Sketch Last Judgement Mosaic
T-shaped around doors 21’-6” x 24’-8”